Committee Meetings

The IAFIG-RMS meets regularly to discuss points of interest and to plan future events. Below are links that connect to the Agenda and Minutes from previous and upcoming meetings.

8th Committee Meeting: Monday 28th February 2020
Crick Institute and Skype Video-call meeting.
Agenda: (20200228 VideoCall_agenda)
Minutes: (20200228_VideoCall_minutes)

7th Committee Meeting: Monday 12th September 2019
Skype Business call.
Agenda: (20190912_VideoCall_agenda)
Minutes: (20190912_VideoCall_minutes)

6th Committee Meeting: Monday 30th May 2019
Cambridge Bioinformatics centre and Zoom Video-call meeting.
Agenda: (20190530_VideoCall_agenda)
Minutes: (20190530_VideoCall_minutes)

5th Committee Meeting: Monday 25th March 2019
Skype Business call.
Agenda: (20190425_VideoCall_agenda)
Minutes: (20190425_VideoCall_minutes)

4th Committee Meeting: Tuesday 16th October 2018
Face-to-face meeting, University of Edinburgh.
Agenda: (20181610_Edinburgh_agenda)
Minutes: (20181026_Edinburgh_minutes)

3rd Committee Meeting: Tuesday 24th July 2018
Skype Business Video Call.
Agenda: (20180724_VideoCall_agenda)

2nd Committee Meeting: Thursday 19th April 2018
College of Medical and Dental Sciences Medical School. Medical School, University of Birmingham, Vincent Drive, Edgbaston, B15 2TT
Agenda: (20180419_Birm_Agenda)
Minutes:  (20180419_Birm_minutes)

1st Committee Meeting: Friday 2nd March 2018
Google Hangout Video Call.
Minutes: (2018302_VideoCall_minutes)